Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Monday 1st March

To solve a problem involving times tables

In this lesson, you will be completing pyramids using multiplication.  Watch the short video clip to show you how to calculate the answers.  Then have a go at the work sheet, completing two partially completed pyramids, then have a go at completing some of your own.  As the numbers get bigger, you will probably need to use a written down method.

Tuesday 2nd March

To identify errors made in multiplication calculations

In this lesson you will, identify and correct errors made in multiplication calculations.  Use the link below to practise before you have a go at the worksheet.  There are three different levels on the worksheet. One star (which is the easiest), two stars or three.  Choose which level you prefer - although do try and challenge yourself!

Wednesday 3rd March

To solve one step word problems using multiplication

In this lesson, you will be solving simple word problems using multiplication.  Remember to read the question carefully, underline the key information, solve the problem showing working out, then read the question again to check that you have answered it properly.  Watch the short video to show you an example of a similar question being answered.

Thursday 4th March


Maths investigation – a square of numbers

Using the numbers 1 to 8 ONCE only, can you place them in the square so that each calculation is correct?  You will need to use trial and improvement to work this out!  Think carefully about where the biggest number needs to go on a division calculation, subtraction, adding and multiplication.


If you want to do this online there is an interactive version here:

Friday 5th March

To investigate numbers in a multiplication pyramid

This lesson links back to Monday’s lesson where you were completing multiplication pyramids.  In this lesson you will be using specific numbers and investigating where to put them so that the top brick in the pyramid has the lowest, or highest number.  Can you spot any patterns?  If you want a challenge, you could use larger numbers (although use one digit numbers, or the multiplying will be too complicated!)

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