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Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


For the next two weeks in maths, we are going to be revisiting multiplication.  We would like you to log on to Times Tables Rockstars and play every day.  A tournament has been set up between 5EW and 5A so make sure you are supporting your class team!  If you need your login details for this, then please contact your class teacher, who will happily email them to you.

Monday 22nd February

STARTER: Log onto Times Tables Rockstars and play! The battle is on!  The tournament between 5EW and 5A commences at 10.00am this morning, and will finish at 2.30pm on Friday.  Your class teacher will announce the winner at the 3pm Teams Meeting on Friday!


To recognise factors

Today we will refamiliarise ourselves with the concepts of  factors. Watch the short video, have a go at the activities and have fun with the quiz.  Then there is a worksheet for you to complete.  Choose which sheet you would prefer to do. (One star is easiest, two star is medium, three star is hardest)

Tuesday 23rd February

STARTER: Play Times tables Rockstars.

Find factor pairs

Today we will be learning how to work systematically to identify the correct number of factors and factor pairs for given numbers. Watch the short video, then have a go at the worksheet.

Wednesday 24th February

STARTER: Play Times Tables Rockstars


To create factor trees

Today we will use our prior knowledge of multiples and factors to create factor trees.  Watch the video then complete the worksheet.

Here is a link to a factor tree activity you might like to try:



Thursday 25th February

STARTER: Play Times tables rockstars - ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO GO!

Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000

Today we will be revising multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  Use a place value grid to support your learning if you need to.  We've attached one below.  Test your knowledge on the quiz, watch the short clip on the BBC website, and look at the examples to help you.  Then have a go at the worksheet attached.

Friday 26th February

STARTER: Remember to practise your times tables on TTRS!  The tournament ends at 2.30pm today, and your class teacher will announce the results at the 3pm Teams meeting!


To investigate shapes which represent numbers

In this problem, you will practise your times tables facts in a way that demands reasoning too. The task may look impossible to solve at first, but there is a solution!  Why not ask the rest of your family to help you? The problem also helps to get you used to the idea of a symbol (in this case a shape) representing a number.  Write down the answers - and your class teacher will put the answer up on Friday afternoon for you to check your answers! (It would be too tempting to cheat if they were there!)  Good luck!

And here are the answers!

An explanation of the answers


If you enjoyed solving this puzzle, why not create one of your own?  Email it to your teacher (with the answers wink) and we can set it as a challenge for another day?

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