Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Monday 25th January

Decimals and measures: Solving problems with length

In today’s lesson, we will solve problems involving calculating the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes, including compound rectilinear shapes, where the conversion of measure is needed.


Tuesday 26th January

Decimals and measures: Calculating the area of parallelograms and triangles

In today’s lesson, we will use formulae to calculate the area of a triangle and parallelogram.


Wednesday 27th January

Decimals and measures: calculation and conversion of units of area

In today’s lesson, we will be investigating the relationship between square millimetres, centimetres and metres, then apply this understanding to calculating area.


Thursday 28th January

Decimals and measures: The volume of cubes and cuboids

In today’s lesson, we will learn to calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids and then apply this to volume problems.


Friday 28th January 

Decimals and measures: Convert between standard measures

In today’s lesson, we will learn to convert between grams and kilograms and use this to solve problems involving mass.

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