Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Wednesday 6th January

Describing coordinate positions on a grid

In this unit, you will develop your understanding of coordinates in all four quadrants, including developing skills using negative numbers, using this understanding to draw, translate and reflect shapes on a coordinate grid. You will use this knowledge to find missing coordinates in a range of 2-D shapes in problems both with and without gridlines and deepen your understanding of 3-D shape through exploring nets. You will also learn to define the parts of a circle before applying this to solve problems. In today’s lesson, you will learn to describe the position of coordinates on a full coordinate grid.


Thursday 7th January

Translating simple shapes

In today’s lesson, we will learn to describe translation of coordinates and shapes and then translate shapes on a coordinate grid.


Friday 8th January

Reflecting simple shapes

In today’s lesson, describe reflections and reflect shapes on a coordinate grid.

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