Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Home Tests

Testing arrangements throughout the country are very high profile in the news at the moment and due to this, you may find that making your way to a drive-in test centre is impossible for a number of reasons.


As a school, we have a very small number of home test kits available and will continue to seek more as they become available. If you are unable to make your way to a test centre and your child is isolating with COVID19 symptoms, please call the school office on 01789 267015 to request a home test kit. We will deliver this at the first opportunity. Please note that these kits are in very short supply and are only to enable children to get back to school faster. The quickest way to get children back to school is to attend a test site as soon as possible. We cannot currently offer home tests for whole families.


Instructions for the home test process are outlined here:


1) Request test kit from school office 01789 267015 only if it is impossible for you to make your way to a test centre elsewhere. Please make sure you have checked here first:


2) Your kit will be delivered to you directly.


3) Read a copy of these instructions that are inside the packs


4) Conduct testing at home instructional video can be found here:

5) Register test kits online to make sure you receive a result:


6) Return test kits
via Royal Mail priority box . You can find your nearest priority box via this link

(please tick the priority box)

The nearest priority box to school is at the junction of Justins Avenue and Birmingham Road, near to the newsagent and opposite The Yard of Ale


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