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Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Gardening Club

As guardians of Corinne's Meadow we have been getting to know what we have growing in our meadow and learning to recognise many of the wonderful wild plants such as the wild carrot, which you can now see going to seed.  Their seed heads look like mini birds’ nests and you will often find a little ladybird or earwig resting inside.


At Thomas Jolyffe we are very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful trees, which we have been learning to identify.  As we move through the seasons we will be busy with lots of gardening projects and continue to observe and cherish the wild places we have at our school.

If there are any parent ecologists, nature enthusiasts or gardeners who would like to get involved in any way please contact the office. 


September 2017

We received some excellent news over the summer telling us that our Wild Flower Garden Project bid with Tesco was successful, and that we have been awarded £3,500!


A big thank you to Katie Beswick for her hard work.


Over the next few weeks we will be deciding how best to use the funds.


January 2018


This week we've had the pleasure of working with the artist Spencer Jenkins to construct a living, organic outdoor classroom space on Corinne's Meadow. It's a Willow sculpture, a long-term, ongoing project that will evolve over time and change with the seasons, as the trees grow. Each child in years 5 and 6 has planted a Willow stick, going down into the ground by 30-40cm, where hopefully it will take root. To achieve this, they've learned about leverage, measured with a trundle wheel, used tools such as a steel pin extractor, loppers, secateurs and discovered just how pliable, bendy, tough and interesting the wondrous Willow can be! 
This project has been possible thanks to the money donated by Tesco.  We also need to say a really big thank you to Katie Beswick for organising this fantastic project.  Keep watching the meadow for more exciting things to come.
Fact: The Latin name for a Willow tree is Salix and there are over 400 varieties and more than one example within the grounds of TJ!



March 2018

If anyone has any snowdrops in their garden that they can spare, our gardeners at school would be really grateful if you could donate some to us. If you have any then please dig them up and bring them to the school office. Thank you.

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