Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Fun Friday

Let's Get Creative!


It's time to put down the writing pencil and pick up the drawing pencil!

After all that writing this week you deserve to have a day of being creative. Linking with our 'Farm' theme I would like you to have a go at one of the following tasks:


  • create an observational drawing of a farm animal of your choice
  • design and make your own tractor
  • make a new home for the geese to live in
  • create a farm scene (collage, paint, model, drawing)


You can use whatever resources you have at home to complete one of these activities.



Transition Activity

If you haven't already done so, complete your 'I am unique' finger print. Remeber to keep it safe ready to bring to school with you in September. 


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