Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 15.01.21

LO: To multiply 3 numbers efficiently

In this lesson you will learn how to multiply three numbers and begin to develop your reasoning about efficient ways to do this. As we  do in class, try to see patterns and connections when you are working out the answers to the calculations.

Multiply 3 numbers

You may need to play parts of the video more than once to understand the points that are being made between the connections. Remember - use your growth mindset and do not give up if you don't understand it straight away.



LO: To investigate suffixes (-ity, -ness)

In this lesson, we will be investigating the -ity and -ness suffixes and set spelling words to learn. We will then have a spellings test on these words next Thursday. 


Date: Friday 15th January 2021

L.O. To develop my awareness of road safety

In this lesson, with the help of some fire fighters,  you will look at some common road signs and will learn how to keep safe whilst out on a bike. You will learn about the car seat law and create a fact sheet on what you have learnt in the lesson.



Here is a PE with Joe for you to get active - don't forget to log it on the Travel to Tokyo page (remember you need the postcode CV37 6TE to do it). This in on Youtube so there will be adverts at the start. 

PE with Joe - Weds 13th Jan


Draw with Rob


Mrs Derbyshire's favourite bird is the Puffin - she would love to see your puffin drawings. She got to choose as it was her birthday this week smiley Again, there will be adverts at the start as this in on Youtube. 

Draw a puffin with Rob

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