Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 08.01.21

LO: To multiply and divide by 3


Multiply and divide by 3

Today the emphasis of the lesson is on gaining a deeper understanding of the 3 x table and the division facts. In the lesson you will look at how the facts can be represented visually in a number of different ways, which is an important part of your learning. Take time over this as this deeper understanding will help you in the future answer more complex problems.

Worksheets - there are two today one on multiplication and one on division. As usual you have both the display version and printable version of the same worksheets



Date: Friday 8th January 2021

LO: To explore complex sentences

In this lesson, you will explore 'As' complex sentences and have a go at writing your own, based on the clip you watched in the first lesson.



LO: To practise diagonal cursive joins

Either print out the diagonal joins page (we will do the other page next week), or copy the sentences from this page into your book, paying close attention to copying the formation of the letters and the joins exactly. We want to see some fantastically neat handwriting! 



Here is a Joe Wicks workout for you today. Next week from the 11th January Joe Wick will be doing his lockdown PE on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we will be using these occasionally so we keep up with our exercise! 


Something Fun for a Friday!


We're really impressed with your hard work this week and thought you could do something creative this afternoon. Here is a 'draw with Rob' for you to try. Send us your finished drawings, and we'll share them in an afternoon Teams session smiley

Important note for parents:  This is a You Tube clip so may contain adverts.  You may want to check it first

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