Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Friday 19th

At last! We have made it to the end of another block of home learning and are once again excited about welcoming you all back into school on Monday. It will be lovely to see everyone again and to get back into our normal school routine. Well done everyone on all the excellent efforts you have put into the last week and a half.


Date: 19.03.2021

L.O. To develop checking strategies

This is an important lesson as it will help you to find out how you can check your answers to test if they are correct. Once again, listen to the video and then complete the worksheets. If you choose to do the challenge task, you may find that you have already done some of the questions so will need to look back at the earlier challenges you did. If not, work through each question in order and blast off into space before returning safely to earth once again! Good luck on your mission!


Checking strategies


Date: Friday 19th March 2021

LO: To create a poster


Today you are listening to Mrs Dunnico reading part 6 of I Was a Rat. We will listen to the rest of the story in school next week. 

Part 6 of I Was a Rat


Your final English task of the week is to design and create a 'LOST' poster to help Joan and Bob find Roger. You will need to include: 

  • A clear, bold heading
  • A picture of Roger
  • A detailed description of him
  • Where he was last seen
  • Contact information (think about when the story was set- they wouldn't have phones or email)
  • A reward (what could Bob and Joan offer as a reward? We know they don't have much money)


Today you are going to be able to get into some beatboxing which is vocal percussion! Listen to the video and have a go. I look forward hearing the Year 4 Band next week in school!


It's also Feel Good Friday on Rock Steady. The KS2 lesson is live at 2pm when you will be on Teams, but you can watch the recording afterwards on this link:


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