Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Lesson 2 - To write a persuasive letter to a Member of Parliament.

Good morning everyone, in today's lesson you are going to write a letter to a Member of Parliament to persuade them to help the United Kingdom reduce their use of plastic.

In your letter you should try to include:

  • Dear/ To ...
  • Introduction (e.g. I am writing to persuade you to...)
  • 3 reasons why we need to reduce plastic use (e.g. not biodegradable, ends up in the ocean)
  • a concluding paragraph (overall, it is clear that...)
  • rhetorical questions (You don't want innocent animals to be harmed do you?)

Below I have included an example letter and also a template for you to use if you choose. We can't wait to read or hear how you get on with this task! 

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