Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Lesson 3 - To describe a setting.

Today you need to start by recapping chapter 2 of Fantastic Mr Fox, I have placed the video from Miss T and the text version below for you to use. I would then like you to write your own descriptive paragraph describing the setting using your model or drawing from yesterday's lesson to support you. You could look at improving and adding to Roald Dahl's work or you could recreate the description completely. 


You will need to include:

  • a description of the hill, valley, tree and the 3 farms.
  • expanded noun phrases (giant, ancient tree)
  • prepositions (below, on top, underneath)
  • Accurate punctuation


We would love to read your paragraphs so please do send them through to use via email or Class Dojo!

Miss T Reading Chapter 2

Still image for this video
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