Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Friday 22nd May

Today I'd like you to have a go at some activities around the idea of formal and informal language. Follow the link to find a video that will recap the difference between the two. Then have a go at Activities 1-4.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and are able to enjoy the good weather! smiley


Thursday 21st May

Today I'd like you to have a go at some activities around the idea of fact and opinion. Follow the link to find two videos that will recap the difference between the two. Then have a go at Activities 1-3.


Wednesday 20th May

Similes and metaphors are descriptive phrases that we use to describe something as being similar to something else. The key difference between them is that similes use the words 'like' or 'as' to compare one thing to another, while metaphors state that one thing is another thing without using the words 'like' or 'as'. Typically, people tend to find metaphors a lot trickier to write, so don't worry if you do too!
Follow the link and watch the videos provided, then have a go at completing the activities to practise using similes and metaphors.

Are you keeping in touch with your friends? If you've had a go at writing a poem, why not share it with them and see what they think?


Tuesday 19th May

Today we're coming back to those pesky Common Exception Words. Choose another ten words from the sheet and try out some of the following activities:
1. Write out the ten spellings and circle all of the vowels. Which word has the most/least vowels and consonants?
2. Write down as many words as you can that rhyme with the ten words you chose. Which word has the most?
3. Write down your ten spelling words with their letters jumbled up. Ask someone in your household if they can unscramble the words! This would also work by asking someone else to scramble them for you to unscramble.
4. Create a wordsearch with your spelling words and give it to someone in your household to solve!
5. Write a sentence for each of your spelling words.


Monday 18th May

Today's task is a reading one involving the novel 'Dindy and the Elephant' and focuses on two key reading skills: giving and explaining your opinion, and summarising information from the text.
Follow the link to watch two videos of Ed Petrie reading extracts from the book, then complete Activities 1 & 2.

Remember, it's often more enjoyable to talk things through with someone. Why not see if someone at home wants to listen to the story extracts with you? If you enjoy the extracts you've listened to, you could always try reading or listening to the whole story by buying or downloading the book/e-book/audio book.

If you fancy a challenge, have a go at Activity 3 where you can try writing a short diary entry from the point of view of one of the characters. If you'd like, you could then edit your writing and even publish it!


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