Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Monday 1st February

Lesson 19: To write the second part of a build-up scene

In this lesson, we will write the second section of the build up of 'How to Train Your Dragon'. You will need your plan from Lesson 8 to help you with your writing.



Tuesday 2nd February

Lesson 20: To edit your build-up writing

In this lesson, we will edit our writing from Lessons 6 and 9. We will practise the skills of searching for errors and improving vocabulary choices.



Wednesday 3rd February

Lesson 21: To identify the features of an instructional text

In this lesson, we will look at the features of instructional texts and have a go at identifying some of these features together.



Thursday 4th February

Lesson 24: To write an introduction

In this lesson, we will identify the purpose of an introduction to instructions and have a go at writing our own introduction for our instructions on how to care for a pet dragon!



Friday 5th February

 Lesson 26: To plan a first set of instructions

In this lesson, we will plan our first set of instructions to tame and train our dragons. We will use the film clip for inspiration and will generate ideas based on what we have seen and our own imaginations.

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